Enrollment Management and OCE Announce college2career学者 Program

二〇二〇年七月三十日 凯特琳烧伤

Female 职业教育 advisor (right) reviewing paper with male student (left)

大学’s Office of Enrollment Management and Office of 职业教育 (OCE) have launched the college2career学者 Program, a four-semester program to build students’ professional identities and expand career opportunities. 

The program offers mentoring, individual and group career advising, connections to potential employers, and internship opportunities including the 实习生费城 程序, 虚拟欧洲 程序,或 海外实习生 program. Program participants will cultivate a personal E3职业生涯行动计划, a step-by-step guide to professional development while enrolled in school. 

“While [the college2career学者 Program] was not created as a response to the pandemic, I see this program as having a benefit of increasing student connectedness to Arcadia, one another, and OCE,” said 玛丽莎戴奇, director of 职业教育. “My hope is that students who participate will find a place of connection here at Arcadia and persist in their studies, participate in the Strategic 职业生涯规划 course, complete an internship, find their career direction, and build their professional competencies.”

Students who complete all four semesters of program activities will be eligible to become College2Career Scholar mentors to future participants, as well as receive a $500 grant for their tuition.